There's a new kind of streetwear brand in town

Hello beautiful souls!  As some of you know, we recently rebranded from Fabulyss (an accessories shop) to our new label ‘Seven over Seven’. To those who followed our journey – thank you.  We wanted to take some time out to introduce our new brand along with the deeper meaning of the name we chose to proudly rep.  

Before the name was even created, we knew women’s streetwear was lacking options.  We had a hard time finding options to match with our jewelry.  There were street brands we liked (Dimepiece) and brands based on spirituality (Spiritual Gangster), but we wanted to create a unique hybrid to fill the void.  We wanted to offer something street with a mix of spirituality, comfort, street vibe, and an affordable price tag. Everyone loves to feel like they are representing something positive and meaningful.  If you can do that while being comfy af and gain street cred all while spreading awareness for self-love, then sign me up!  That is when the idea of Seven over Seven began manifesting.    

The goal is for this lifestyle, streetwear brand to bring women of all types of backgrounds together to celebrate our individual greatness.  We all seek some form of truth within ourselves and we are here to promote that.  Trust that little voice inside, envision what you want your life to be like, and watch it manifest. If we do not truly love and trust ourselves, how will we be able to give the love to the world that is so greatly needed?  Seven over Seven is for the woman who has finally learned to love herself first.  She trusts her journey and focuses on living in the moment. She remembers that all we have is now.

Once we discovered what we needed to create, we knew we needed a whole new name.  The number seven continued to pop up around us and we took this as a sign from the universe.  After doing further research, the number had A LOT of positive meaning.  So much that we knew we wanted to embrace it to remember all of the positive affirmations behind it.  According to sacred geometry, seven is the number of purity and destiny. It resonates with the vibrations and energies of the Collective Consciousness or an eternal knowing by all.  The number 7 is significant in many of the 7 main religious or spiritual traditions: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Mythology. It has many different spiritual and religious meanings. It is a metaphysical number symbolic of the student, the mystic, and the seeker of deeper truths and spiritual wisdom. The 7th chakra, representing the marriage of the male and female energies in balanced union, and the fusion of the lower self with the Higher Self, i.e. the attainment of unified consciousness and spiritual awakening. The seven colors of the rainbow combined create white light, signify the healing and loving power of God, Allah, Higher Power, Universe, Great Spirit, Great Life force, Creator, or as you may wish to call Him / Her.

After this clear discovery of what our new tribe should be called, we needed to make sure we represented our truth by providing quality products.  Unlike most clothing companies, we do not use sweatshops or carded open end fabric (you know those cardboard itchy feeling shirts? Yuck).  Everything is made in California by Californians and is 100% combed and ring-spun fabric.  The quality is the softest cotton you have ever felt.  We promise you will not want to take it off as soon as it touches your skin. We strive to create products that look good, feel good, and promote positivity. 

Divide seven into seven and get One.  We are all connected.