Our Story


From pop culture icons to viral street style, our collections are inspired by all the 707 girls around us and in our lives. Exclusively sourced in-house by our talented team, our Seven over Seven brand delivers the complimentary piece to every 707 girl's outfit, regardless of her location or what her personal tastes are. Your everyday piece one day to the special occasion the next, we know your styles evolve, so we have you covered no matter the event.



Throwback to 2016 and 707 was handmaking necklaces and clothes in a small studio apartment in San Diego, CA with a dollar and a dream. Tune into today, and we're a rapidly growing online streetwear brand with a cult social media following. With more and more pieces hitting the web, we have no signs of slowing down.



We want every girl who wears Seven Over Seven to feel like a brighter, stronger and more authentic version of herself. When it comes to being a strong female, it's rolling with the punches, going with the flow, and trusting the universe. We're current, yet visionaries. We change and we evolve. We stay true. Divide Seven into Seven and get one.  We are all connected.